Think-Mail is the perfect E-mail solution for business or personal use.

Features Overview:

  • Use your existing software Such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Mac Mail.
  • Webmail, Great functionality including right-click and drag 'n drop technology.
  • Minimize spam and viruses Over 95% success rate.
  • Mobile Email, Use your smartphone or PDA to get your email.
  • Desktop Notification Software that will notify you whenever you receive a new e-mail.
  • Large Attachments 50MB for incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Consolidate any other email accounts you might have so you only have to use one account to view all of your email
  •    Organization & Groupware...


  • Shared Calendar, Color code and place events in folders to maximize organization.
  • Shared Contacts, Separate contacts alphabetically or via folders.
  • Tasks, An useful tool with percentage complete feature.
  • Notes & Journal, Keep track of calls and other notes in your Notes & Journal tools.
  • Syncing Software that will sync your calendar, contacts, tasks and journal.  


  • Bandwidth, No bandwidth limits at all - incoming or outgoing.
  • Mail Rules, Control your e-mail exactly the way you want to with unlimited mail rules.
  • Mail Aliases, Receive e-mail to any address under your domain, with catch-all support.
  • Forwarders, Forward e-mails to your subaccounts or external accounts.
  • Autoresponders, Send different responders for e-mails sent to different addresses.  

    Other Features...

  • File Storage Access via webmail or any FTP client.
  • Instant Messaging So you can communicate quickly between people in your organization.
  • Data Backup Multiple backups kept to ensure minimal downtime and data security.
  • Mailbox & Storage, From 100MB to 10GB.

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