Consultation Services

Do I need a consultant?

Most organizations can benefit to some degree. This depends on your business and your business model, whether it is an established or startup business and if you or your staff have the time & expertise to objectively analyze the best course of action needed to attain your final goals. For startup or fledgling business's or those without a technologically minded employee an analysis can prove invaluable. For established organizations looking to upgrade their existing hardware, software or infrastructure our "Project Management" or "Rollout and Deployment" services may be the best solution.

Choosing a consultant?

For those without a high degree of technical expertise this can prove to be a daunting task in itself. Over the past several years it seems that everyone claims to be a consultant and has the latest and greatest in cutting edge solutions.  Normally speaking the average organization does not need cutting edge technology. They simply need solid tried and true solutions which are efficient yet user friendly and provide the desired result at the lowest possible cost. Seldom can any one technology company provide a total inclusive solution with in house products. With that said independent consultants which bring to the table a portfolio of good products and tools best matched to the task at hand which can be implemented quickly and cost effectively are a better choice than those which represent one manufacturer. Consultants which represent only one companies products or services are more often than not are simply salesman with only their companies best interest at heart. Good consultants should place your organizations best interest first and foremost.

Things you shouldn't hear.

Your goals can only be accomplished with a complete custom project redevelopment. (Why?) Seldom needed.

Your upgrades or changes will be seamless and will not affect production or your user's, employee's etc. (It IS a change and it IS new and there will be a learning curve, otherwise it is NOT a change nor an upgrade.)

There will be a couple of days needed for debugging or system optimization. (The hardware and/or application should be stable and compatible from conception to completion.) Wasn't that the idea from the beginning?

We have fully tested this before installing it. (Again, you need a viable stable solution.) Otherwise you are paying to be the recipient of an untested application or service. Can you afford or willing to take that chance with your business?

To install ANY one given application such as Tivoli as it will eliminate all your support problems. There are many good applications out there that will help reduce your support overhead, NONE will eliminate it.

That the use of server, storage consolidation & virtualization will save you money. (In some cases offsite servers and storage solutions are the best solution, however they generally won't save money in the long run.)

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